Venue information

Offering not only a wealth of facilities but full consideration for facility coordination as well.

Yamaguchi's facilities are capable of handling national conferences and sporting events, as well as various subcommittees and announcement events.
Facilities, such as meeting halls equipped with the latest features and training facilities in natural surroundings, are able to accommodate diverse event purposes and sizes.
The entire city supports the success of your meeting and events.

Area Map

Yamaguchi Area

Ishin Taiko Arena, Ishin Memorial Park Arena(capacity: 4,250 persons) / theater format
Yamaguchi Refresh park Main Arena(capacity: 3,436 persons)/ theater format
Yamaguchi Civic Hall Large hall(capacity: 1,500 persons)/ fixed seating
Yamaguchi Prefecture Health Promotion Center Multipurpose hall(capacity: 800 persons)/ fixed seating
Yamaguchi Prefecture Education Auditorium Hall(capacity: 512 persons)/ fixed seating
Yamaguchi Prefectural Library Lecture Room (capacity: 294 persons)/ fixed seating
New Media Plaza Yamaguchi Multipurpose theatre (capacity: 211 persons)/ theater format
Yamaguchi Prefecture Central Labor/Welfare/Cultural Auditorium Large meeting room(capacity: 150 persons)/ classroom format
Nakaichi Community Hall Nac Multipurpose hall B (capacity: 160 persons)/ theater format
Paltopia Yamaguchi (YH) Large hall(capacity: 200 persons)/ theater format
Yamaguchi Prefecture Social Welfare Auditorium Large hall(capacity: 200 persons)/ theater format
Yamaguchi Prefecture Self-Government Association Hall Large meeting room(capacity: 80 persons) / classroom format
Yamaguchi Prefecture Commerce and Industry Hall Large meeting room(capacity: 150 persons) / classroom format
Yamaguchi Prefecture Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall Community Hall(capacity: 100 persons) / classroom format
Creative Space Akarenga Hall 1(capacity: 100 persons)/ theater format
Ishin Memorial Park Amphitheater (capacity: 1,667 persons)/ fixed seating
Sunroute International Hotel Yamaguchi Garden Terrace(capacity: 150 persons)/ theater format

Yuda-onsen Area

Caliente Yamaguchi Large hall(capacity: 450 persons)/ theater format
Hotel New Tanaka Heian(capacity: 700 persons)/ theater format
Nishi-no-Miyabi Tokiwa Zuisho(capacity: 360 persons)/ theater format
UBL Hotel Matsumasa Fuyo(capacity: 350 persons)/ theater format
Centcore Yamaguchi Sapphire(capacity: 315 persons)/ theater format
Hotel Kame-Fuku Closed temporarily
Sun Fresh Yamaguchi Audiovisual Room(capacity: 54 persons) / classroom format
Umenoya Heian(capacity: 100 persons)/ theater format
Matsudaya Hotel Kinki(capacity: 60 persons) / classroom format
Suizanso (Mutual Aid Association of Prefectural Government Personnel Yuda Hot Springs recreation facility) Cattleya(capacity: 270 persons)/ theater format
KKR Yamaguchi Asakura Sensui(capacity: 195 persons)/ theater format
Bochoen (Yamaguchi Mutual Aid Association for Municipal Personnel lodging facility) Kujaku(capacity: 120 persons) / classroom format

Southern Area

Yamaguchi Prefecture Seminar Park Lecture Hall(capacity: 300 persons)/ fixed seating
Yamaguchi Grand Hotel Radiance Hall(capacity: 800 persons)/ theater format
Yamaguchi Kirara Expo Memorial Park Yamaguchi Fujisho Dome(capacity: 11,000 persons)/ theater format
Yamaguchi-Minami General-Purpose Center Hall(capacity: 500 persons)/ fixed seating
Shinyamaguchi Terminal Hotel Crystal(capacity: 130 persons)/ theater format
Ube 72 Ajisu Spa Hotel Azalea(capacity: 230 persons)/ theater format
Yamaguchi Omi General-Purpose Center Hall(capacity: 364 persons)/ fixed seating

Northern Area

Tokuji Culture Hall Now being renovated
National Yamaguchi Tokuji Youth Outdoor Learning Center Orientation Room(capacity: 250 persons) / classroom format