Get a feel for Yamaguchi by experiencing its traditions, culture, and nature

The spirit of hospitality of western Japan's cultural center ensures successful meeting and events

In addition to a wealth of athletic and meeting facilities,
the city is home to a wide range of large-scale lodging accommodations at Yuda Hot Springs.
The hub of transportation in the prefecture,
Yamaguchi is a convention host city able to accommodate diverse events.

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A place where success is achieved through satisfied visitors and fun memories.

The prefectural capital directly connected to other areas by Shinkansen high-speed rail, Yamaguchi is surrounded by the blessings of nature.
Home to the famous five-storied pagoda of the Rurikoji Temple, designated a national treasure, Yamaguchi is a historical and cultural center rich in atmosphere and warmth. Here, visitors can concentrate on conventions in a comfortable environment, enjoying the warm spirit of hospitality that infuses the city.

Yasaka Shrine
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Yamaguchi: The perfect place for meeting and events

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